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SALEWA Snowshoes Rocker

From: SalewaTeam | Jan 15, 2015 | 2111 views‬

SALEWA INTRODUCES INNOVATIVE ROCKER TECHNOLOGY Centuries-old snowshoe hiking is experiencing a boom. That’s because it opens the door for winter sport enthusiasts to discover their own fitness experience in the snowy mountains – even without skis or snowboards. From kids to seniors, anyone can learn how. It doesn’t demand special knowledge and lets you take on everything, from easy endurance training in your hometown forest to demanding performance endeavors on mountainous terrain. SALEWA offers the complete solution for a snowshoe experience with innovative products in the snowshoe, apparel and equipment segments. For the 2014-15 Winter season, the South Tyrol mountain sport specialist launches a revolutionary innovation to the (snowshoe) market with the introduction of rocker technology

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01:15 SALEWA Snowshoes Rocker
SALEWA Snowshoes Rocker
2111 views‬ since Jan 15, 2015
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