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SALEWA Chronicles - 'ELEMENTS CONNECT' - McFly & Nicolas Vaudroz

From: SalewaTeam | Apr 9, 2014 | 8822 views‬

Two men, one passion, and a long-lasting friendship. SALEWA athlete McFly and artist and boarder Nicolas Vaudroz share the same passion for the mountains. It was in Verbier, Switzerland, where they first met. Now they have returned there to experience some magic days together of riding, swapping stories and friendship. Watch how two very different characters are connected by the element of frozen water and, at the same time, discover how art and mountain sports are intertwined in the life of Nicolas Vaudroz. Meet McFly at http://climbtoskicamp.salewa.com/ Rider: Martin 'McFly' Winkler www.facebook.com/martin.mcfly.winkler Nicolas Vaudroz www.nicolasvaudroz.com Producer: Zero Division www.zerodividion.com Edit: Martin Winkler Camera: Martin Winkler Manu Fombeurre Musik: "Gone" Album: Slipstream by Steaming Satellites "How Dare You" Album: The Moustache Mozart Affaire Steaming Satellites www.steamingsatellites.com www.facebook.com/steamingsatellites

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