“A ski and snowboard trip for the soul” is what the three SALEWA Free Ski Mountaineering Riders are calling the upcoming project that will take Björn Herregger, Martin McFly Winkler and Max Zipser – the newcomer to the SALEWA alpineXtrem Team - to the southern hemisphere. Starting out in early September the three friends will spend three weeks cruising across the Andes in a bus, getting to know the Chilean and Argentinean culture and mentality as well as experiencing the most fabulous mountains and volcanoes in South America.

Once there, they will team up with three more ski riders. Andre Sommer, Oskar Sosa and Tato Vasiuk will join the SALEWA Team on their road trip through the snowy landscape of South America. Mobile and flexible, and with their friends’ local knowledge, they will be best equipped to go where the weather and snow conditions are most favourable.

One of the targets is the “Lanin” volcano (3,700 metres above sea level), directly on the Argentina-Chile border. After a long ascent, the team plan to ski down a challenging, rarely used route on the south side of the volcano. The Austrians are also aiming for the “Tornador” volcano (3,490 metres above sea level) in a glacial region offering lots of options. The team will set up camp there - conditions permitting – and will ride a number of short but spectacular lines.

Filmmakers and photographers will capture the imposing mountainous landscape and the tough rides across the partially active volcanoes. In their quest for perfect snow and daredevil descents, they will come across lonely huts, warm springs and local people with tales to tell about their unusual lives.  

This ski and snowboard road trip will reflect the culture and people, the impressive landscape of South America and an unmitigated passion for the mountains.

Follow the team live at and on the SALEWA Facebook page.

Roger Schüli, Swiss top-class all-rounder: "Alpine activity up and down the mountain."

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