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Experience free ski mountaineering with SALEWA.

This is what free ski mountaineering is all about: if you want to descend you have to make the ascent as well – using your own muscle power and in harmony with the Alpine environment. It‘s a philosophy which is attracting ever increasing numbers of mountaineers. SALEWA regards ‚climb to ski‘ as one of its key sports – emerging out of tradition and practised with passion. The South Tyrolean mountain sports specialist is guiding the development of this sport in close cooperation with the sportspeople of the alpineXtrem team. The interests of the skiing community is kept in focus at all times.

„Wherever you go, go with all your heart“. At SALEWA we use these well-known words from Confucius as a guiding principle in the development of free ski mountaineering. A combination of mountaineering expertise with high alpine skiing skills has given rise to a new movement in recent years – driven by the synergy of diverse factors. One consequence of this has certainly been new technical developments in the ski market. Just a few years ago 80 percent of skis sold were narrower than 70 mm. But now the situation is the exact opposite, with 80 percent sold being wider than 70 mm. This already smooths the way to cross-country skiing for a broader public.
Reiner Gerstner, SALEWA Group Brand and Marketing Director, sees new lifestyle values as yet another driving factor: „The desire to be different is growing. No matter what age they are, people want to satisfy their thirst for adventure – they are looking for challenges off the beaten track.”

At SALEWA we value expertise and enthusiasm, but above all we value the people who live out these adventures and who tell their stories. Projects such as „Soultrip Argentina“ undertaken by SALEWA free ski mountaineers Martin McFly Winkler, Max Zipser and Björn Heregger, or the „Path of Roses“ that Eva Walkner and Katharina Schuler set off on in Kashmir are inspiring examples of such stories. Powerful ascents, steep descents on untrodden snow precipices, unique vistas of nature – these are amazing images that rouse the emotions. A series of episodes is planned for 2012 to showcase the alpineXtrem team in action. SALEWA and the sportspeople together will promote the positive energy of these images and stories in the community, to create visual thrills and to open up dialogue. The South Tyrolean mountain sports specialists will be using diverse platforms for publicity – both online and offline. The reaction is already huge. The SALEWA Facebook page amassed 20,000 new fans in the two months after the launch of an app that invites the user to go on a virtual tour of the Lanin volcano. Over 700 film-goers came to the Munich première of „Soultrip Argentina“ and „Path of Roses“. And already great numbers of applications for the second edition of the Climb to Ski Camp have been registered. The event is a weekend with the SALEWA free ski mountaineering team where talented new climbers are given a chance to demonstrate their skills.

But to do something „with all your heart“ also involves showing respect. SALEWA appreciates the importance of raising awareness of ethical conduct in the skiing community in the mountains and respect for its dangers. „Whenever a person ventures into Alpine terrain, he/she must carry the necessary safety equipment and know how to use it,“ says Reiner Gerstner. SALEWA not only supplies the correct clothing - with equal attention given to both lifestyle and function - but also produces a complete range of safety-relevant equipment. And as with the whole collection, this range too emerged through intensive exchanges with the sportspeople in the alpineXtrem team.

Dressed to impress
the free ski mountaineering outfits from SALEWA certainly make an impression in both look and performance

Albonaska 2.0 Powertex jacket for him and her
The Albonaska is celebrating its third birthday. This newest classic has undergone some development in the details, for example improved ventilation, and brings a new range of colours to the mountain landscape. Once you‘ve got used to it, you‘ll never be able to do without the zip connector that allows the Skeena pants to be joined to the jacket. Unchanged however is the high performance, with guaranteed protection from wind, water, and cold, in a jacket which gives precise fit, freedom of movement, and which folds up compactly. Co-developed with, thoroughly tested by, and with the seal of approval from the sportspeople of the free ski mountaineering team.

Skeena 2.0 Powertex pants for him and her
Steep ascents or extreme descents – it‘s been an open secret on the freerider scene for some time that you always create a good shape with the Skeena. The special blend of materials now achieves a perfection of fit and function: close-fitting where needed and otherwise casually cut; the comfort and freedom of movement of these pants makes an immediate impression. The asymmetric ventilation slits are easy to reach on the ascent and the press studs can be efficiently fastened to make the pants tighter for use with crampons. The lady‘s model is designed without suspenders and without the back pocket for a more feminine look.

Bare Rock Polarlite hooded jacket for him and her
Anyone looking for a reliable jacket for all situations would be well advised to choose the Bare Rock. This favourite item made from Polarlite Dynastretch is given a lightly fleecy texture on the inside for comfort, while the supple outer layer provides comfortable warmth. When used for sporting activities the hoodie‘s useful details prove their worth - details such as the sleeve pocket with cable guides for MP3 player, or thumb loops made from Dryton Microstretch.

Magna 3.0 Primaloft vest for him and her
This all-in-one vest‘s hybrid features make it an optimal solution for all who don‘t want to have to decide between a warm thermal vest or a breathable vest for the ascent. Stormwall panels at the sides and Primaloft in the front and back sections ensure ultimate protection from cold and wind.

Rama Stormwall Jacket for him
If you like it light and sporty, then the Rama jacket is for you. This lightweight jacket features practical details such as wind resistant Durastretch panels at the sides and back, as well as easy-access 2-way zip at the front. The ventilation at the back section of the upper sleeves is positioned in a way that makes it very easy to access even when wearing gloves.

Warm Merino longsleeved top with zip for him and her
SALEWA high altitude underwear to keep you warm and dry. The Merino wool traps in air and is naturally hygienic. Dryarn ensures that moisture remains outside. All these advantages are combined in one layer.

Warm Merino 7/8 pants for him and her
These pants, just like the top, use a technical blend of warm Merino wool and Dryarn - the polypropylene, which doesn‘t absorb moisture. The practical 7/8 length ensures comfort with no pinch zones – neither in the trekking boots nor in the ski boots.

Leviathan beanie for her
All in style? No, not until you have the right head gear. This knitted beanie doesn‘t only keep you warm, but in its stylish grape colour it makes a perfect match to your Albonaska.

Albonaska Slouch beanie for him
The light stitch for the big début: casual striped beanie in four different styles for the finishing touch to your outfit.

Valluga FSM Gore-Tex gloves for him and her
The Alpine Essentials from SALEWA have both hands and feet. It‘s the Alpine fit which makes our gloves the first choice for mountaineers. The VALLUGA GLOVE has two layers for the hand – a touch-sensitive layer for perfect finger sensitivity, and a warming layer for optimal protection from the cold.

Das internationale SALEWA alpineXtrem Team with focus on free ski mountaineering

Björn Heregger, Austria, 1982
As Björn himself says, it was a stroke of good luck that he didn‘t turn out to be the speed demon he wanted to be. And so after several years in ski racing, he exchanged the icy pistes for the unspoilt powder snow. The Innsbrucker resident and economics student found what he was looking for on a ‘Soultrip’ to Argentina together with team colleagues Max and McFly, in September 2010. His big mountain competitive career got off to a start with second place in the „White Thrill“ at St. Anton (Arlberg). In 2007 he won the Snowfever Bigmountain in Fieberbrunn (Tyrol), and thus he qualified for the first time for the legendary XtremeVerbier, which he completed with a respectable eighth place. By achieving an overall rank of 4th at the Freeride World Qualifier he has already secured a place in the coming Freeride World Tour.

Martin „McFly“ Winkler, Austria, 1978
A trip can open you up to new experiences. For Martin Winkler, his trip to Argentina in 2000 was a genuine turning point in his life. There he found the inspiration he needed to live his dream. His name is one of the best-known on the European free ski scene and he is a judge at the Freeski World Tour. He has showed off his professional skiing skills in such movies as „Higher Ground“ and „Off the Grid“ by Warren Miller. He runs his own company, is a film producer, organiser of the Austrian Freeski Open, surfer, singer, and constant seeker of new experiences. But if you were to ask his grandmother what her grandson Martin does, the answer would be a single word and maybe the most apt: skiing. And that‘s exactly what he was doing on a Soultrip to Argentina he made with team colleagues Björn and Max in 2010. The lads brought back a record of their trip in a wonderful collection of images. The film has been screened successfully at diverse film festivals, and won the public award at the famous St. Anton film festival.

Max Zipser, Austria, 1984
There are not many snowboarders who are also top class climbers. Max Zipser is one of them. Like most of his fellow fans of the single board, he likes it steep and descends slopes of up to 55° (Jäger Couloir /Mt. Blanc du Talcul, Pallavicini gully / Großglockner, Hochfeiler north face / Zillertaler). Blanc du Talcul, Pallavicini Rinne / Großglockner, Hochfeiler Nordwand / Zillertaler). But unlike many other riders, he likes to climb those mountains which he wishes to descend, by himself. And this is also the way he did things in Patagonia with McFly and Björn. He was the third person on the ’Soultrip’ to Argentina. The young pharmacology student‘s mountain expertise, which he also acquired on the international freeride circuit (including first place in the „White Thrill“ / St. Anton, first place in EngadinSnow Big Mountain / St. Moritz, third place in Overall Freeride World Tour 2009), will be again put to the test in 2012 at the Free Ride World Tour which he will be compete in for the fourth time. Apart from that, Max also has several film projects in the pipeline for 2012. We don’t want to say any more at present – but we can say this much: it‘s about freeride action, friendship, and having fun with the simple things in life. Stay tuned!

Eva Walkner, Austria, 1979
Some people earn their nicknames. Among those active on the scene, Eva is called „Walki“. Could it have something to do with her unbounded enthusiasm for fresh air and free skiing? More than likely so. The feisty sports journalist from Salzburg has established herself as a free skier, after the numerous injuries she suffered during her racing career in the Ski World Cup and Europa Cup. Eva is the first and only Austrian who has qualified for the Freeride World Tour – and she will be there again in 2012. In February 2011 she and Katharina Schuler were on a trip together in Gulmarg, a freeskiing paradise in Kashmir. Eva didn‘t jsut bring back memories of steep slopes, „Kashmir powder snow“ and encounters with the local people, but also a fantastic freeride film. ‘Path of Roses’ will première in August at the mountain film festival in St. Anton.

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