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A fitness trend taking the mountains by storm

The rising popularity of snowshoe mountaineering is proving that winter sports fans are not just reliant on the more well-known methods of skiing and snowboarding to get their fix of mountain-based fitness action – it can also be something a bit different. Over the past few years, this discipline has evolved into a leisure time sport with high ambitions. Of course, safety in the form of having the right equipment is the ticket to enjoying a danger-free experience to the max, off the beaten track in the great outdoors. SALEWA is of course fully up to speed on this new alpine activity and the mountain sports specialist supplier has the perfect solutions to meet every snowshoeing demand imaginable in terms of snowshoes, clothing and equipment.

Snowshoe mountaineering is a national sport for everyone that packs a real punch in terms of recreational value. You don’t require any particular prior knowledge to take part. And you can stick to leisurely cardio workouts in your local woods or decide to enter the domain of high-performance sport and test your mettle on challenging ice-bedecked rocky terrain. The all-important items in all cases are shoes with the right spec to cover the whole gamut of mountaineering activities, types of snow and individual body weights. “Snowshoe mountaineering brings non-skiers one step closer to the wonders of the alpine world; and it’s also bringing the spheres of skiers and hikers closer together,” says Reiner Gerstner, Group Brand and Marketing Director at SALEWA.

Over time, a myriad of different snowshoes have hailed from the world’s mountainous regions aimed at enabling people to successfully traverse snow-covered terrains: flat leather shoes with a large contact surface, rounded wooden ones, long, narrow ones or, not to be left out of course, the classic model resembling a tennis racquet. Originally devised as simply an aid to forward motion, the snowshoe has since moved on and has become a real fitness tool. The experience racked up by alpine athletes and mountaineers stretching back decades means that the new generation of high-tech products is very impressive: lightweight, top-performance products, most notably made from highly durable materials. This makes them reliable aids for ascents on icy traverses, passages featuring ice-crusted snow or steep slopes where the snow is piled deep.

Reiner Gerstner knows how crucial it is for athletes to be wise to the dangers involved, whichever mountain sport is on the menu: “Even snowshoe tour enthusiasts must have the right equipment. SALEWA provides an all-round package, including the right clothing, backpacks, safety equipment and poles. We make sure that snowshoers are safely kitted out before they set off.” For 2012, Gerstner sees great potential in the snowshoe sector thanks to current fitness trends. SALEWA launched the 999 snowshoe last year; now, the mountain sports specialist from South Tyrol is bringing out a whole range under this name. Three models are being unveiled in 2012/13 alone. The “Pro” is one of the lightest snowshoes of all time: it adapts to whatever alpine terrain it encounters and its steel blade provides the required grip. The flexible sidewalls provide extra buoyancy and improve traversing stability. The “Blade” combines innovation and technology for challenging terrain, while the “Explorer” is perfect for touring through breathtaking mountain country.

The three models are compatible with all mountaineering boot brands on the market. However, the MS Snow Trainer Insulated GTX from SALEWA is the best match. The upper of this comfortable, warm mountaineering boot is made of suede with an integrated gaiter, Gore-Tex insulated lining for extra comfort and a new Vibram sole, exclusively designed for SALEWA, that delivers unbeatable traction.

Poles are an absolute must for snowshoe mountaineers. And, on cue, the mountain sports specialist from Bolzano has the perfect partner here too, in the Alp Tracker. The poles give you essential grip, help save energy and feature a special hook on the basket allowing you to adjust the ratchet on your shoes comfortably with your pole without having to bend down. Safety and comfort all in one.


999 PRO
The 999 Pro is the flagship SALEWA snowshoe. Thanks to its lightweight and highly robust construction combined with the cathodic-dip coated steel blade, this shoe is not only an absolute top performer but is also virtually indestructible. The newly designed sidewalls (auto adaptive flap) give the 999 Pro even greater holding ability without any negative impact on flexibility.

999 BLADE (also available in the Alpindonna version)
The Blade embodies technological innovation combined with comfort. It is at home on all terrain, no matter how challenging. Steel blade and spikes ensure top traction on ice. The Blade’s convenient ratchet binding completes the shoe’s impressive features. Despite the array of top features, the shoe weighs in at only 985 grams.

999 EXPLORER (also available in the Alpindonna version)
Lightweight and comfortable – these two qualities are what the Explorer is all about. Complete with fitted spikes, this is essential hiking gear for negotiating breathtaking mountain passes. The climbing arcs can be set to three positions. The ratchet binding provides a comfortable fit.

Perfect footwear for use with snowshoes or for winter trekking in the cold: based on this premise, SALEWA’s product engineers designed the MS Snow Trainer. The upper is made of suede with an integrated gaiter, Gore-Tex insulated lining for extra comfort and a new outer sole, exclusively designed for SALEWA. It fuses the entire Vibram know-how with patented ice abrasion-resistant technology – for unmatched grip on snow and ice.

Für optimales Klimamanagement beim Snowshoe-Mountaineering kommt das Schichtenprinzip zum Einsatz. Die „Arktik“ ist eine vielseitig einsetzbare Gore-Tex-Bergjacke, die vor Wind und Regen schützt. Drei große Taschen auf der Vorderseite sorgen dafür, das Wichtigste immer griffbereit zu haben. Die Kapuze kann mit nur einem Handgriff angepasst und eventuell in den Kragen eingerollt werden.

Made using Stormwall technology, the Orval are sporty, elastic and breathable mountain pants for snowshoe walking and free ski mountaineering. With reinforced knee and seat areas, while still giving you sufficient freedom of movement. The elasticated gusset in the hip area guarantees an ideal fit. The leg bottoms have elasticated cuffs and can be adjusted using a zip.

This soft and practical down jacket is quilted and has an impressively sporty, comfortable cut. The Fedaia can be worn on its own or under a water-repellent jacket (for example the Artik) as an extra layer. It features one inner and two outer zipped pockets.

Anyone on the look-out for warm but elasticated touring pants for the winter need look no further than the Venture pant. These breathable mountain pants made from Durastretch have preformed knees. The leg bottoms feature a moisture barrier. The pants have six pockets for keeping mittens, hat or snow goggles ready to hand. The waistband is easily adjustable to make your Venture pants the perfect fit.

With pack sizes of 26 litres for men and 24 in the Alpindonna version for women, the Tracer provides ample storage for your snowshoeing tour. Thanks to the innovative Motion Fit technology, the backpack follows your body’s every move across the terrain and makes for better and safer performance during your mountain tour escapade. The backpack also features an excellent snowshoe attachment. The shoulder and waist harness construction uses Ride Fit technology. This makes the Tracer fit around the wearer’s body like a second skin.

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