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SALEWA Alpine Life Collection - Feel the mountain

In our globalized age, sports market designs have fewer unique selling propositions. Even in the collections from
international brands, you seldom find diverse concepts. At the same time, demand is growing for authenticity plus
new and credible approaches. Aware consumers desire to differentiate themselves with quality products that are
characterized by being reserved, having finesse and are easy to care for. With the use of traditional regional materials,
localization and orginality are becoming more and more the focus. After discussions about synthetic fabrics (PFC),
the use of wool is again on the rise.
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Free Ski Mountaineering

Freeriding represents absolute freedom, pristine powder and a totally pure experience.... Whoever is committed to this kind of allure joins a strong community much larger than themselves with members all sharing the same passion. At SALEWA, the trend is called Free Ski Mountaineering and, as a core discipline of the South Tyrol mountain sport specialist, it is an inseparable part of its ethos. Amazingly spectacular descents appear after only a truly honest ascent. Together, with the athletes on SALEWA’s alpineXtrem team, the Bolzano-based mountain sport brand is promoting „Climb to Ski“ and working to send powder hounds into the mountains with the right tools.
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Ride it like Glen Plake Glen Plake’s Choice: Stylish in look, uncompromising in function

Glen Plake is an American freestyle skier – one who is just as well known for his hotdog ski style as his wild hair. The ski-crazy native Californian has been a member of the alpineXtreme Team since 2008, and he shares his passion and his experience with the South Tyrol mountain sport specialist. That creates excitment: Glen’s ideas and feedback have been incorporated into the development of the Free Ski Mountaineering Signature Line by Salewa now for three years. More than any other apparel line, Glen Plake’s Choice stands for high-tech materials, uncompromising functionality and unmistakable style. In addition, power guy Plake, who has a second home in Chamonix, is always ready for any kind of fun, be it crazy events with the online community or ski camps with up-and-coming riders.

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Onward to the summit – but always safety first: SALEWA ensures ski tourers are well prepared and best outfitted

More and more wintersports enthusiasts are seeking a balance to their everyday lives by heading to the mountains and into the backcountry. Particularly striking is the trend to head off groomed pistes and trails for wintersports experiences. Ski touring and backcountry skiing are continuing to boom. With all of the enthusiasm, there’s also a need to reflect upon the dangers that exist in the wilderness. SALEWA, the South Tyrol mountain sport specialist that provides ski tourers with the correct gear, is also particularly concerned with preparing them with targeted safety training to be ready for possible risks.

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SALEWA MS VERTICAL PRO: All-purpose lightweight boot also works perfectly on icefalls

The MS Vertical Pro by SALEWA is the newest masterpiece from the SALEWA footwear division in Montebelluna in Northwest Italy. This center of excellence sets new standards when it comes to mountaineering. The Vertical Pro is yet another example. SALEWA’s alpine competence together with broad, industry-specific expertise headquartered in Montebelluna has come together to bring you this boot. The result is a lighter-weight Pro Boot for winter alpine endeavors and icefalls.

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