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Alpine Life – The alpine attitude in the city too

Loden and boiled wool are unique materials typical of the mountains. With their special characteristics, these natural, long-lasting materials are also a natural for new interpretations in colors and styles designed for sport and leisure. Wool protects mountain peoples all over the world from cold, windy and wet weather. Thus, it’s no surprise that discerning mountain sports enthusiasts have again discovered their quality and function
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Free Ski Mountaineering – The mountain beckons with powder

The snow has barely given the mountains a white facelift when freeride enthusiasts start making pilgrimages to their respective spots. In winter, the freeride community finds itself drawn to fresh pow, always on the search for the perfect line, from exotic powder paradises to classic Alpine ski areas to the endless expanse of North American backcountry. In inner circles, the trend has long since moved away from the use of technical aids and more and more to “human-powered alpinism.” SALEWA athletes Björn Heregger, Glen Plake, Martin McFly Winkler, Eva Walkner and Max Zipser live the Free Ski Mountaineering philosophy: You have to “earn your turns” – get up the mountain under your own power and in harmony with the alpine world. That is also reflected in their various projects and movies. The distinctive feature of this is the combination of alpine approach and skiing skills. What is unconditionally also a part of this for these peak baggers is solid preparation with attention to the characteristics and risks of the terrain. When it comes to gear, these freeride professionals don’t compromise. In close cooperation with designers and product developers at SALEWA, products -- from different layers of apparel to equipment and safety gear -- are thus created that optimally support every mission up the mountain. Of course, indispensable on any mountain outing: good friends that can be relied on.
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Fascination with Snowshoe Hiking SALEWA introduces innovative rocker technology

Centuries-old snowshoe hiking is experiencing a boom. That’s because it opens the door for winter sport enthusiasts to discover their own fitness experience in the snowy mountains – even without skis or snowboards. From kids to seniors, anyone can learn how. It doesn’t demand special knowledge and lets you take on everything, from easy endurance training in your hometown forest to demanding performance endeavors on mountainous terrain. SALEWA offers the complete solution for a snowshoe experience with innovative products in the snowshoe, apparel and equipment segments. For the 2014-15 Winter season, the South Tyrol mountain sport specialist launches a revolutionary innovation to the (snowshoe) market with the introduction of rocker technology.

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SALEWA One Life to Live – a campaign for all

Countless winter athletes – from beginners to experts – will again head out for the mountains in Winter 2014. Conquering the vertical to enjoy pow snow demands more than just the right gear, conditions and technical expertise. Above all, everybody needs to possess the fundamental knowledge of the risks present in alpine terrain. SALEWA has thus created the “One Life to Live” campaign for all enthusiasts. No matter if you are a freerider, ski tourer, or snowshoe enthusiast, what counts is the awareness and enthusiasm for what you do.

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WILDFIRE – A SALEWA Footwear Workshop Innovation

A new generation in alpine footwear has been launched by the footwear division of the South Tyrol mountain sport specialist, once more emphasising its reputation as the „Approach Company“. Its lightweight, anatomical fit, and an aggressive outsole tread design make the WILDFIRE the perfect companion in technical approaches. MFF has become MFF+, establishing a new standard in anatomical footwear with its 3D footbeds – completely adjustable in volume including the width of the footwear.
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