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In the course of extensive tests on old, used via ferrata sets, several manufacturers and institutions in the mountain sports industry have found that those systems with rope brakes could fail in the case of a fall. Tests have shown that the fall factor in the event of a fall could have increased. In combination with a use-dependent loss of strength in the carabiner arms, this could lead to a complete failure of the system. This could result in severe or fatal injuries.

To exclude every possible risk to our customers, SALEWA has decided to initiate a precautionary recall from the market of all via ferrata sets with rope

All SALEWA via ferrata sets with a rope brake of this or similar design are affected, and they may be in circulation in a variety of possible colours:

Via ferrata sets with fabric shock absorbers of this design or similar, in a variety of possible colours, are not affected by the recall.


Details on the affected via ferrata sets and the sets not affected are to be found in the FAQ on the recall. If you have one of the affected via ferrata sets which is less than 7 years old, you can return it to SALEWA for replacement free of charge. The replacement will be a set of equivalent quality in the latest state of technology, with a shock absorber instead. Whatever the type of product or type of design, via ferrata sets which have exceeded the maximum recommended lifespan must not be used and SALEWA urges you to destroy such sets immediately.

Where the set is used intensively, the maximum lifespan can be reduced by up to one year. To return your via ferrata set, register on the form provided for this purpose at the website. You can print out the return form together with the address label to return the items.

The delivery of the replacement products will take around 8 weeks for logistical and production reasons.

You can use this website facility to check on the status of your return procedure at any time. To compensate for the costs of postage, we will include an Icono multifunctional headband when packaging your replacement set.


SALEWA has set up a hotline for any further enquiries:


Tel: +39 0471 242 619

Further information and ongoing updates at

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these measures. Your safety is our highest priority, and so we ask for your understanding.

Your SALEWA team



Registration plattform






SALEWA Verbier 26 Pro ABS backpack



The producer and filler of ABS steel cartridges has detected problems in the filling process, and it is possible that steel cartridges that have already been delivered may have been contaminated during filling.

The contamination residues could block the airbag system during subsequent activation. So far three instances of this problem, caused by the supplier, have occurred during training activations.

The following SALEWA product is possibly affected by the recall:


-    SALEWA Verbier 26 Pro ABS backpack


Not affected by the recall:- carbon cartridges- steel cartridges with a filling date after 03.12.2014- ABS Monoairbags – SALEWA Verbier 26 Pro ABS backpacks that have not yet been triggered with a steel cartridge

Recall will be handled by ABS. Consumers and retail have been widely informed. Additionally ABS has installed a hotline service.

Please find all information regarding the recall here:






Only for the serial number 02 11 and 03 11



This recall only affects carabiners Hot G2 Bent.

The features of the affected carabiners are as follows:


Article number: 1557 Hot G2 Bent

Colour: 0999/ red


The serial production numbers of the affected Hot G2 Bent Carabiners are:


- 02 11

- 03 11


These numbers can be found close to the detail of the breaking load (see the illustration) or on the opposite side of the carabiner, right next to the certification number.

This precautionary recall only affects these individual carabiners. The original SALEWA quickdraw sets have not been manufactured with these carabiners.

For this reason, the original SALEWA quickdraw sets have NOT been affected.


The context:

SALEWA performs regular tests for security products to grant the highest quality and security. During these tests, the carabiners have been tested against their load capacity. Here, the load capacity of the Hot G2 Bent carabiners proved to have some discrepancies with the current Norms.


Important: the test was conducted under the strictest conditions, which very rarely happen in real life. To exclude any possible risk for the user, SALEWA decided to recall all the Hot G2 Bent carabiners with the above-mentioned serial number from the market.


We ask the owners of these carabiners to get in contact with a SALEWA dealer or SALEWA.

The affected carabiners, which fall into this description, will be promptly replaced with new ones.


Please note: only the Hot G2 Bent carabiners with the above mentioned serial number will be replaced. All other carabiners are NOT affected by this recall.


For any questions, please e-mail

For any other information related to this recall, please visit








SALEWA tests its safety products at regular intervals to be able to guarantee the highest possible standards of quality and safety. In the course of these tests, we checked the load bearing capacity of the SALEWA Civetta II full-body harness and the Vertigo 400 Alpindonna harness. Some deviations from standards were identified in a few individual harnesses during these tests.

To rule out any possible risk for the user, SALEWA has decided to recall some Civetta II full-body harnesses and Vertigo 400 Alpindonna harnesses as a precautionary measure.

The following harnesses are being recalled:



Item number: 0790 (also included in Via Ferrata Kits 0955, 0946, 0706)

Batch number: all batches before 01/12 are affected

All harnesses with an identification mark from 2012 are NOT affected.



Item number: 0799

Batch number: 2009 (only batch 2009 is affected)


If you own one of the above Civetta II full-body harnesses or Vertigo 400 Alpindonna harnesses, please visit your specialist retailer and exchange this product for a new harness.