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The Austrian free ride pros Stefan Häusl and Björn Heregger created together with film producer Hanno Mackowitz a movie of a different kind. “SPURTREU” provides authentic insights in their lives, showing also the negative side of their sport activity.

After a long skiing season, both protagonists are haggard and without impulse. Together they want to find back to the roots of their motivation and to the sense of skiing. At their “local mountain”, the Arlberg, they search for their traces and let the visitors be a part of their inner live.

“Freeriding gives us the possibility to do what we want, but exactly this kind of freedom is sometimes the problem (…), there are times where no one guides you, you need to set up your goals on your own and try to achieve them (…), but for doing so you need lots of self-confidence”.

In times like these, the athletes show how important friends and partners in terms of support and motivation are. Björn and Stefan complement each other perfectly. Björn, the positivist, the one with the super human traits and Stefan that follows his dreams and that never lost this childish motivation.